Residential Interiors

Estate Lookup Interiors brings forth the best services when you plan to get a new makeover of your apartment, house, villa, bungalow or row house. As interior designer in Kolkata or as interior decorators in Kolkata we assist the clients to give a interior design solution based on the clients design preference as it varies from person to person through over the table meetings, understanding the client's actual requirement and off-course the budget in concern that as interior decoration has vast material options where may be for an unit some material can be of Rs.1000 and some can come in a few lakhs.


First preference is that the client and the interior designing company representative to sit and thoroughly discuss each points about the interior designing style, that the client wants  and that needs to be noted by the company representative.


Second step is discussion with the client about the unit sizes and choice of materials to be induced in the interior designing and decoration project based on the client's requirement and budget. Where client 

Thirdly we would provide the client with a budget (approx. rates before the designing)

Fourth the client needs opt for the designing services with the interior designing company, where from our company we start sketching the furniture layouts and 3D designing of the entire property.


Fifth  based on the drawing client is provided with a quotation for the project which then transits to getting the contract signed based on that particulars of interior work.

We at Estate Lookup Interiors offer interior designing and decoration services customized to fit the clients requirement, and budget yet get an appealing aesthetically beautiful home makeover  that assures years of sustainability.