How to make 3D Brick wall texture for walls

How to make 3D brick wall texture by Estate Lookup Interiors | Interior Designers in Kolkata

Among many of the wall decoration ideas, getting a 3D rustic brick wall design stands out to compliment the highly practiced contemporary, rustic, Scandinavian interior styles.

Estate Lookup Interiors as one of top interior designers in Kolkata brings to you the 3D perfect brick wall design imbedded to their turnkey interior design, decoration or home painting services.

How to make a 3D brick wall texture:

i) First we need to scrub the walls thoroughly with no.80 sand papers.

(ii) Second Primer to be applied with brush and roller.

(ii) Application of 1 coat putty.

(iv) Again scrub the walls with no.120 sandpapers.

(v) Mark the walls maintaining water level with string and blue colour.

(vi)Apply masking tape maintaining the water level with masking tapes measuring 3/4th of an inch.

(vii) Cut the masking tapes as per brick pattern or design(Yes it takes lots of effort and time).

(viii) Apply wall putty (2 coats) as per requirement of the 3D effect(Average for 100 sq.ft. wall it will take 23 kgs of powder putty mixed with 5 kgs of liquid putty).

(ix) Before the putty dries, roll a honeycomb or other texture roller as per design.

(x) Remove the masking tapes in half to one hour before the wall putty dries hard and make it a problem for the masking tapes to get stuck under the thick wall putty layer coat.

(xi) Now you have the rustic brick wall structure done and it's time to gently scrub the unevenness of the brick wall upper layer with no.150 sand paper.

(xii) Apply primer again and colour your 3D brick wall with premium paints, whether in matt, satin or glossy finish.

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