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Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Prepairing the walls before painting:

(i) Scrubbing the old paint layer.

(ii) One coat of primer to conceal the old paint patches totally.

(iii)Dust water proof putty layer should be applied on all walls and ceiling with layer volume between

.75 to not greater than 1 mm or it will loose it's grip with time.

(iv)Concealing the nail holes, unevenness with Paste putty.

(v) Checking the water level and checking the evenness of the walls with the help of led light,if there is a unevenness it will show.

(vi) Again a coat of cement based primer with tarpin oil should be applied before we get started with the wall colour.

(vii)Paint your walls with washable paints like Apcolite from Asian Paints, Asian Paints Royal or Royal Shine which has got TEFLON in it and highly washable.

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